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Simple Poll. Decision making made simple

Simple Poll

Decision making made simple
A variety of poll types for even the most decisively indecisive
Which way?

Simple Poll will help you make decisions by helping you engage with your audience. Hear their voice on important questions. Or just on the question which movie to watch on the next shared movie night...

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We have them all

We offer Simple Poll in a variety of poll types. From simple single-choice, to date scheduling, to fortune decide:

Single-choice polls
The poll everyone knows and loves. You provide one question and (many) options and your audience provides one answer per voter. Here is an example poll

Multiple-choice polls
A slight deviation from the plain old poll. You provide one question and (many) options and your audience provides one or multiple answers per voter.

Date scheduling polls
Can't decide on a date or time? Date scheduling Simple Polls help you and your audience to decide on a date, ... or time or both.

Fortune decide
This is a special one. Instead of asking your audience for answers, you ask fate. You provide a question and a set of options and let fate answer. Here is an example poll

Gatherer's Garden
Last, but not least. And another special one. This one works just like a single-choice poll, but your audience can add their own options. You know, when you asked for the best ice cream flavor but actually forget to add it as an option. (That would be raspberry btw.) Here is an example poll

Create your Simple Poll

Should you still feel decisively indecisive about creating your first Simple Poll, we invite you to create a Simple Poll to make that decision.

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