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Decisively Indecisive
Simple Poll offers you a variaty of types of polls to help you make an educated decision.

Plain Old Poll
There is the plain old basic poll: Ask a question, provide some possible answers, share the poll with your people and wait for them to vote. Whether you want to make a decision regarding your newest product, or just want to determine what the next movie night is gone be like: The plain old poll is your Simple Poll.

Date Scheduling
If you need to schedule your next team meeting Simple Link has poll type for that too. With a date scheduling poll you can either provide options with a date and time or just a date.

Fortune telling
Care for a bit of fortune telling? Good. Because Simple Poll offers that too. Ask your question, provide some answers and let fate decide instead of other people. Check out if you are curious.

So. If you are decisively indecisive, create a your own Simple Poll and find your answers.

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