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The Simple Page is the next step up from the Simple Link. If you want to share more than one link at a time a Simple Page is the perfect solution for you. With a Simple Page you can just bundle all your links in one place and share the Simple Page. The creation of Simple Pages is free, yet requires an (also free) account.

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Simple Pages can be used for a variety of purposes.
You are a musician and the release of your new album is coming up? Great! A Simple Page is the easy way to share all the links to streaming and purchase options. The project you are working on has links to different resources that you need to easily share with your colleagues? A Simple Page does that for you. You just want a page for yourself to share all the links to your socials? Well, A Simple Page is your solution.

Simple Pages can be used for all those purposes and even a lot more. Down below are links to three Simple Pages showing off different use cases for Simple Pages. Click any of the preview images to see the full page.

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Make it yours!
Customize your Simple Page to your heart's content. Our easy-to-use on-page Editor makes sure that your Simple Page is designed and ready to go live in no time. The Editor allows you (aside from adding and grouping Simple Links) to add your own image, change your Simple Page's name, description and background. And for the background you can choose between either using a background color or adding a background image.

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