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The more technical bits
About Simple Link
The Creation of Simple Links, Simple Pages and Simple Polls is free and available to everyone. The creation of a Simple Page requires a Simple Link Account, which is also free.

Create your Simple Link here
Create your Simple Page here
Create your Simple Poll here

In order to show Simple Link creators analytics for their Simple Links, we track each and every Simple Link.
Yet: We do not collect any personal data.
100% of our tracked data is anonymous and can not be linked to the person that used the link.
100% of our tracked data is available to our Simple Link creators. We do not keep data hidden.
100% of our tracked data is collected for the sake of our Simple Link creators. We do not sell any data.

A Simple Link that is not bound to a Simple Link Account will be suspended if it has been idle for a given time. After another timespan of being idle the Simple Link will be deleted. The Simple Link's token will be released and becomes available for reassignment.

Forced Deletion
We reserve ourselves the right to delete any Simple Link, Simple Page or Simple Poll for any reason at any time without any notification.

User content
Simple Link users can personalize their Simple Pages by uploading images. Before uploading images to Simple Link, every user needs to make sure that he/she is the owner of those images or holds the rights to use those images. Furthermore users allow Simple Link to use those images to promote and advertise Simple Link and its services.
Simple Link Plans
Simple Link offers two different plans to customers.

Without account

Simple Link
Count   1
Max Lifetime   24 hours
Idle Suspension   24 hours
Idle Deletion   24 hours
Badge   ✘

Simple Page
Creation   ✘

Simple Poll
Creation   ✔
Max. Runtime   3 hours

Detail   ✘
History   ✘
Download Data   ✘

Available   ✘

With account

Simple Link
Count   unlimited
Max Lifetime   unlimited
Idle Suspension   ✘
Idle Deletion   ✘
Badge   ✔

Simple Page
Creation   ✔
Branding   ✔
Links per Page   12

Simple Poll
Creation   ✔
Max. Runtime   42 hours

Detail  Basic
History  12 months
Download Data  Last 30 days

Available   ✔ (Basic)

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