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Multipurpose Wonder
Whatever you require from your link. Simple Link has got you covered.

Simplify and Share.  The purest form of Simple Link and its birth giving idea: Taking bulky links and turning them into easy to memorize and easy to share Simple Links. So. If you just want to share a link with your friends or colleagues, go ahead and use our Simple Link Generator to your hearts content. Your demand for memorizable and simpler links is the reason we are here today.

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Fixed Link. Variable Resource.  Are you a musician or content creator of any form? Wouldn't it be great to have a link that always points to your latest release? Making it easy for your fans to always find your most recent work?

Well, Simple Link makes that possible and easy to realize. Just use our Simple Link Generator to create a link that points to your current most recent release. Share this link with your fans. And whenever a new awesome release is ready to see the light of the world, just update the Simple Link to point to the new release. No matter where you previously added, pinned, or shared your Simple Link, all those places now automaticly link to your new release. And since, as far as your fans are concerned, the link didn't change, your Simple Link becomes a fixed beacon of light always guiding your fans home to you and your newest release.

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Statistical Cravings.  You aren't just interested in sharing Simple Links with your followers, but also want to get to know your followers better? Simple Link can help with that too!

We track our Simple Links and provide analytics tools for you to easily gain insights into audience. (We do NOT collect any personal data. Learn more). Easily see which Simple Links perform better or worse and adjust accordingly. Maximizing your reach and efficiency.

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